Bravenet Speaking Characters

Create a Virtual Employee for your Website

Create an animated character for your website. Greet your users with a fun Speaking Character that you can completely customize.

Get your Speaking Character

Add a Dynamic Speaking Character to your Website. Loaded with Features!

  • Enhance the User Experience

    Greet your visitors, provide them with information and direct them to the right place on your site.
  • Increase Sales

    Increase the sales on your website with a spoken call to action!
  • Fully Customizable

    SitePal's editor makes it easy and fun to design your own character.
  • Dynamic Audio Recording

    SitePal's Record-by-Phone feature makes creating your character's audio as easy as leaving voicemail.
  • Easy to Publish

    No coding required. Simply copy and paste your Speaking Character onto your website.
  • NEW 3D PhotoFace Characters

    PhotoFace characters are amazingly real! Click here to see premade characters or create your own from a photograph.