Bravenet GuestMaps

Visitors can leave marks on your interactive Guest Map

Place a fun interactive Guestmap on your website. Your users can post their location and leave you comments.

Get your GuestMap Today

A fun twist on an old internet favorite is sure to delight your visitors. Loaded with Features!

  • Select Your Maps

    Choose your own Guestmap image from our list of handy map images.
  • Customize Images

    Customize your Guestmap by selecting your own title image and pin icons.
  • Email Notification

    Stay up to day - be notified when new entries are added to the guestmap.
  • Custom Questions

    Write your own questions you want to ask your Guestmap visitors.
  • Map Zoom

    Zoom in and out for a better view of your guestmap.
  • HTML or Javascript

    Choose the version that works best for you and simply copy and paste it onto any webpage.